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Pediatrics TuiNa

Pediatric massage adopts traditional Chinese "Tui Na" technique for children, and is a therapy aimed to promote the health and well-being of infant to young children age 12 years old. Through such massage, children's body constitution can be improved. Tui Na for children uses simple techniques that emphasize on speed, strength and immunity to either build up the child's natural immunity or to purge out pathogenic factors when the child is sick.


Tui Na for Children adopts traditional Chinese medicinal approach of prevention (from negative energy that causes sickness); Enhancement (of internal positive energy and strength which varies across individuals); and cure (the natural way strengthening of internal immune system).

Some of the benefits of Tui Na for children include, but not limited to: relieve of abdominal discomfort, colic, frequent flu and cough, anxiety, malnutrition, lack of appetite, poor eating habits and constipation.

Little Baby Feet
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